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Ambient Interior Lighting

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Contour Lighting

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Illuminated Cup Holder

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Luggage Illumination

interior lighting

Interior lighting is no longer just about functionality; it’s a canvas for innovation and self-expression. The future of interior lighting will likely see even more integration of technology, personalization, and sustainability, enhancing both the practical and aesthetic aspects of the end user experience.

Here at the Lighting Consultants we are at the forefront of interior lighting innovation, pushing the boundaries of technologies based on the research carried out in to mega trends and consumer direction. Making sure the solution delivered is beyond the customers expectations.

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lighting the future

Our Process

At The Lighting Consultants we believe that attention to detail is key in the development of any product and we will consider the whole spectrum of tasks to ensure our clients receive a robust engineered solution. When developing any components DFM (Design for Manufacturing) is always a priority.


Optical and Mechanical development work closely together to attain a feasible lighting solution that is ready for manufacturing, all tool features will be agreed with the manufacturer and released under our tool release gateway. A functional prototype is made to ensure the results prior to commencing with manufacturing.

Quality Control

The Lighting Consultants maintain accreditation to ISO 9001 and are pursuing IATF 16949 certification. For many of our clients, compliance to these standards is a requirement. We recognise the benefits of these standards in the way we develop and manage our business; assisting us with our continuous improvement activities.

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Interior lighting is evolving into a complete lighting system; when implemented with lighting harmony at the forefront, you will enhance your vehicles. We consider this along with ergonomic factors and vehicle choreography – delivering a solution that provides you with the competitive advantage.
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